Excursion in Dubrovnik

The Old Town of Dubrovnik
The ancient synagogue and the walls of the city

Old Dubrovnik is surrounded by an impressive wall 1,940 meters long. The city’s area is about half a square kilometer, and most of its streets are quite narrow, because it is forbidden to drive vehicles in the Old City.   The great walls are undoubtedly the most impressive building structure in Dubrovnik, perhaps in all of Croatia. They were built in the 11th century and are a symbol of the cultural and economic heyday of the city. The city was designed according to the Venetian methods of the same period, and the walls survived repeated attacks, more than any other site in the city, thus symbolizing the stubbornness of the city’s inhabitants to uphold its unique style and character.

The Synagogue

The first Jews arrived in the city at the beginning of the 14th century. With the expulsion from Spain, Jews from Spain and Portugal came to Dubrovnik and organized the community and its institutions. In those years the Spanish synagogue was built on the Jews’ Street. The synagogue is one off the most ancient in Europe. It was built in the 14th century but its current structure is from the 15th century. In the synagogue there is a Torah scroll from that period. The offices of the Jewish community are located on the first floor of the building where also the Jewish Museum is located. The synagogue itself is on the second floor.

Old City Walls

The walls of the city were built between the 12th and the 16th centuries. The height of the wall reaches 25 meters and the thickness comes to 6 meters. The walls have five fortresses and 16 watchtowers. During the tour we will pass through fortresses and look out over the rooftops and streets of the city.


Departure time: 10:00

Estimated return time: 17:00

Adult: 60$      Child: 45$

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Montenegro and the Kotor Bay

In 1992, four out of the six republics that made up Yugoslavia withdrew. Only Serbia and Montenegro continued to maintain the structure of a federal republic. On May 21, 2006, Montenegrin citizens voted for their independence and thus came the final stage in the liquidation of Yugoslavia. The origin of the name is the Black Mountain. Most of Montenegrin territory is covered in mountains that are between 1,000 and 2,000 meters in height. Montenegro has a narrow coastline along the Adriatic.

Kotor Bay

We will drive along the coastal road and enjoy breathtaking views. We will cross the border to Montenegro. We will enjoy the Gulf, which penetrates inland to a depth of 28 km in the Karst Mountains, and the magnificent view of the Gulf, which led to its declaration as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The city of Kotor

Most of our visit is in the Old City. We will tour the city, which is surrounded by interesting ancient Venetian walls and fortresses. We will enter the Marine Museum of Kotor, located in the beautiful marina, inside a magnificent palace from the 18th century. It shows a collection of interesting items of marine tradition from the entire region, describing the history of the local inhabitants and their struggle for freedom.

The city of Perast

We will pass through Boca Bay to the small town of Perast, which looks like a small piece of the city of Venice floated up and settled on the shores of Montenegro. We will see the two special sites located on two beautiful little islands opposite Perast’s shoreline. We will cross the bay to the other side, with the bus on a ferry. We will complete this day and return to Croatia via a breathtaking observation point over Dubrovnik


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Estimated return time: 18:30

Adult: 60$     Child: 45$

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Cavtat and the Sokol Tower

The Konavle Valley, which lies to the south of Dubrovnik, is one of the most picturesque areas in Croatia, with small towns that maintain a distinctly agricultural character and the most fertile areas in the country.

The town of Cavtat

We will visit the town of Cavtat, which is the most southern point in Croatia. Cavtat is a resort town with 2,000 inhabitants. It is built on a peninsula between two bays. The city was founded by the Greeks. a small and peaceful town that resembles a small village, and the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. We will tour the different bays and hills overlooking the scenery.

Sokol Tower

We will visit the famous Sokol Tower (Sokol Grad), an ancient fortress that served as a military stronghold. The fortress was built by the Republic of Dubrovnik to protect the city from invasion from the south. The fortress is located on a cliff and dominates the entire area. In the wall surrounding it, there are positions for cannons and shields. The fortress was abandoned in the 17th century and the inhabitants used its stones to build houses.  The Antiquities authorities reconstructed the fortress and today it is a tourist site with ancient archeological artifacts.

Mount Srd

There is no better place to view the area from above and enjoy the view than the top of Mount Srd, overlooking the old town of Dubrovnik, the sea and the mountains of Herzegovina. At the end of the day we will climb to the summit with the bright orange cable car, to the top of the mountain for a breathtaking view of the city and the bays surrounding it.


Departure time: 10:00

Estimated return time: 17:00

Adult: 60$     Child: 45$

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Elaphiti Islands cruise

The Elaphiti Islands are an archipelago of 14 islands, of which only three are inhabited.

The islands have a total land area of ​​about 30 square kilometers and a population of 850. The islands are covered with green vegetation and attract a large number of tourists during the summer tourist season due to their beaches and landscape. The name comes from the ancient Greek translation of the word deer, which used to inhabit the islands in large numbers.

We will take the bus to the port in Dubrovnik. From there we will sail to the island of Kolocep, which is a typical island in the Adriatic Sea and the smallest of them. In the middle Ages, this island was one of Venice’s colonies and you will find pleasant hiking trails, special beaches and small villages. We will take an enjoyable walk in the island’s marina, through the ancient roads and trails.

We will continue sailing to the green island of Lopud. A special and breathtaking island with flowers, trees and unique vegetation! It has a delightful little village, a charming 15th-century Franciscan monastery decorated with artworks, and pleasant sandy beaches suitable for bathing.

During the cruise we will see the three islands surrounding Dubrovnik and the town of Dubrovnik itself, while hearing detailed explanations about them all.


Departure time: 10:00

Estimated return time: 15:00

Adult / Child: 45$

Sales at the hotel based on availability
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